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Why do I need BugZip?
Bed bugs are often found in rooms where there are no visible signs of bed bugs on the mattress.

Just because you donít see them, doesnít mean they arenít there.

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Simple to use and easy to pack in your suitcase. Use BugZip® in hotels, hospitals, cruise ships, and other travel destinations. Keep your luggage safe and avoid bringing bed bugs home. Travel with peace of mind! Learn More


BugZip® is also a great resource for individuals and families whose homes are already infested. Use BugZip® to encase clean clothes and inside drawers to protect from bed bugs while you prepare for and live through treatment. Learn More


Prevention! Reduce reoccurrences and treatment costs by providing BugZip® to guests so bed bugs are not brought into your facility. Ideal for hotels, hospitals, clinics, SROs, dorms & barracks. Contact Us Today!